What Is a Doctor?


Doctor is a title of respect for a medical professional who has earned a degree in medicine. Doctors work in a variety of healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, private practices, and health centers. They spend a lot of time interacting with patients, conducting physical exams, taking medical histories, and discussing treatment options with their patients. They also often work closely with other doctors and healthcare professionals to provide coordinated patient care.

The word ‘Doctor’ comes from the Latin verb docere, meaning “to teach.” In modern English it translates to someone who is licensed and trained to use the healing arts. Doctors must go through rigorous training and education to earn their degrees, and they have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their patients. Doctors are committed to lifelong learning and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in their field.

While it was always going to be difficult for any actor to follow in the footsteps of Tom Baker, it was a bold move to hire Peter Davison to replace him. This incarnation of the Doctor had a few great moments but struggled to find his footing with rough scripts and overly-lit sets. He managed to bring a bit more action to the role though and was definitely a step in the right direction from the overly-funny and muddled era of Baker.

David Tennant’s fez and bow-tie loving iteration of the Doctor took the show to another level of popularity in 2010. While his incarnation was more light-hearted than the two iterations preceding him, he still delivered some epic storylines. He was a more playful Doctor than the brooding and serious one of Matt Smith before him, and while his later reinvention as a gruff rock star suited him well, his three-year tenure didn’t quite hit the heights of his predecessors.

It’s no surprise that Tennant is the best Doctor of all time, according to IMDb user scores at least. His three series and a few specials have a solid average score of 7.7 out of 10, putting him ahead of the polarising Capaldi, and a decent chunk clear of Jodie Whittaker’s manic and protective take on the character which earned her huge amounts of publicity when she first entered the fold in 2017.

The current iteration of the Doctor is Jodie Whittaker who played the role from 2017 to 2022. The actress is well known to many of us for her role in Netflix’s Sex Education, and she brings a fresh approach to the show with her natural northern accent and sharp line in dark humour. The show is currently filming its 11th season and will see Whittaker’s Doctor enter the ring with a new face, Ncuti Gatwa. The former actor is a big fan of the show and will bring an African flair to the Doctor’s usual mix of comedy, action and sci-fi. He will be joined by Jodie Whittaker’s former companion Clara Oswald.