Alpena Regional Medical Center

Alpena Regional Medical Center (ARMC) is a 139-bed acute care facility with a health care team that includes nearly 100 physicians, over 900 employees and approximately 300 volunteers. Federally-designated as a rural Regional Referral Center for all of Northeastern Michigan, ARMC provides quality health services and technology to meet the changing health care needs of the people of Northeastern Michigan.
In addition to providing comprehensive inpatient services, ARMC offers a wide range of outpatient services. These services include Autologous Blood Clinic, Behavioral Health Services, Cancer Center with Radiation Therapy, a Cardiopulmonary Department including Cardiac Rehabilitation, Community Health Education Services, Emergency Department , Pain Clinic and Diabetes Center.


Also available are complete Dietary, Laboratory, Perinatal Education, Pharmacy, Radiology, Rehabilitation Services, Sleep Diagnostics and Surgical Services.

ARMC services expand beyond the main building to include several satellite services, which address the health care needs of area residents through remote clinics, care and equipment delivered to the home and special services for regional physician offices. Satellite services include ARMC-Rogers City Services, ARMC Home Care & Private Duty, Alpena Oxygen & Equipment Co., a Referral Laboratory, ARMC Oscoda Services, Ossineke Pharmacy, and ARMC Atlanta Services.
The Alpena Cancer Center continues a over 11 year partnership with the University of Michigan Health System. The center provides chemotherapy, radiation therapy and the identical treatment protocols available at U of M’s Cancer Center in Ann Arbor. U of M and ARMC officials estimate that the Alpena site will be able to treat 97 percent of all cancer types—with only the very rarest of cancer cases requiring patient travel to Ann Arbor.

For additional information about our programs or services, please call the ARMC Marketing Department at (989) 356-7351.


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