Month: June 2023

What Is a Hospital?

Hospital is the facility where sick people are treated. They can also be places where people are kept after they have been discharged from another health institution like a doctor’s office or a clinic. Unlike the average house, hospitals have a lot of specialized medical equipment to help treat patients with serious illnesses. These facilities […]

10 Years Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Was Passed

As the Center for American Progress marks 10 years since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law, it’s important to remember how the ACA has transformed Americans’ lives and made it easier for millions of people to afford health insurance. The ACA has ended pre-existing condition discrimination, lowered the cost of prescription drugs, brought down […]

The Importance of Health Services

Health services are healthcare facilities and medical professionals that promote, maintain and restore a person’s physical and mental health. They also prevent illness and disease, as well as provide rehabilitative and palliative care. They are the foundation of the nation’s healthcare system and are supported by an array of other public and private healthcare services. […]

The Physician Association is the World’s Largest Politically Powerful Organization

AMA — American Medical Association The AMA is the world’s largest doctor association. It’s also one of the most politically powerful, giving more than $3.4 million to US congressional candidates between 1990 and 2020. The organization sponsors a number of groups that provide advice on everything from government regulations to continuing medical education to medical […]

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