Month: November 2023

Hospitals Are Changing the Way They Serve Hospital Food

If you’ve ever spent a prolonged stay in the hospital, you know that the food isn’t exactly great. From fried foods to frozen meals to soups and salads, most hospital food is full of hidden salt, processed sugar, chemicals, preservatives and additives. Even if you eat a salad every day, chances are that your food […]

What is Medical?

Medical is a term that refers to the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. If you get a cut, medical professionals apply a plaster; if your eyes are blurry, you may be given some glasses. The word comes from the Latin mederi, meaning to heal or to restore health. Medical professionals use medicines, vaccines […]

The Role of a Doctor in Organizational Development

Various initiatives across the health systems signal that medical doctors are seeking to become more involved in roles for improvement that go beyond their daily responsibilities for patient care and collaborating with peers. These efforts are based on the realization that medical expertise is increasingly being applied to address collective problems and challenges related to […]

Alcona Health Center

Alcona Health Center provides medical, behavioral health and pharmacy services. It accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances with a sliding fee scale. This location also offers telehealth services. Alcona Health Center was established in 1978 and is located in Lincoln, Michigan. Approximately 53% of patients who rated the hospital highly recommended it to their friends […]

What Is a Hospital?

A Hospital is a health care institution providing diagnosis, treatment and housing for patients with medical and surgical problems and for their families. It also serves as a teaching and research centre. Hospitals are staffed by a wide range of healthcare professionals and support staff. There are many types of hospitals: general, district, children’s and […]

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