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Health Services Research

Health services are the medical and allied services that improve the health of people through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration or cure of disease or injury. Services are categorized as primary, secondary and tertiary care depending on their scope and purpose. These services are provided by the health professions, such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, midwifery, nursing, […]

What Is a Doctor?

Doctor is a title of respect for a medical professional who has earned a degree in medicine. Doctors work in a variety of healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, private practices, and health centers. They spend a lot of time interacting with patients, conducting physical exams, taking medical histories, and discussing treatment options with their patients. […]

The Benefits of a Doctor Association

Physician organizations offer a variety of benefits, from hard advantages like leadership roles and professional development opportunities to “soft” ones like networking opportunities. But deciding whether a doctor association is worth your time and money can be difficult without a clear understanding of what they do. A good way to figure out which groups could […]

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena

MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena is a 139-bed critical access hospital that provides general medical and surgical care for inpatients and outpatients along with a 24-hour emergency room to the Alpena, Michigan area. The hospital has a number of specialties including behavioral health services, cancer care, diagnostic imaging (x-ray, CT scanning), orthopedics, pain management, rehabilitation services, […]

General Hospital (Emmy Award-Winning Daytime Soap)

When it comes to daytime soaps, nobody does it better than ABC’s Emmy Award-winning General Hospital. Filmed in Hollywood, California, GH has been on the air for over 60 years and is one of only four surviving ABC daytime dramas. It is also the longest-running scripted drama and holds the record for most Outstanding Daytime […]

Hospital Jobs Are a Great Place to Start Your Career

Whether it’s the emergency room, a surgical suite, or behind-the-scenes administrative support, there are so many different medical careers in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Hospital jobs offer a unique blend of clinical and hands-on work, and can be highly rewarding as well as challenging. From the doctors and nurses on the front lines to those […]

The Affordable Care Act – Making Health Insurance More Available, Affordable, and Understandable

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) makes health insurance more available, affordable, and understandable. It puts information for consumers online, creates a marketplace where individuals and small businesses can compare different health plans on a level playing field, and provides subsidies (through premium tax credits and cost-sharing reduction payments) to make coverage more affordable. […]

Advance Your Career in the Field of Health Services

Health services are the interventions that individuals and communities use to improve their health and well-being. They include preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. Services are provided in a variety of settings, including hospitals and community health centers. They can be delivered by physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, therapists, and other allied health professionals. Professionals looking to […]

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