Month: February 2023

Understanding Medical Terminology

The field of medicine encompasses many different areas and is a broad field of study that includes medical science, biomedical research and healthcare. It is also divided into many subspecialties, including pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, emergency and critical care, oncology and radiation therapy. The word medicine is derived from the Greek words meaning “to heal” […]

Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Hospital

A hospital is a medical facility where patients are admitted for treatment. Typically, a hospital has a large number of beds and is used for long-term care. Some hospitals specialize in specific types of treatments and surgeries. Great hospitals make the entire patient journey as seamless as possible, from booking an appointment to getting discharged […]

Alpena General Hospital

Alpena general hospital is a medical institution that offers emergency care, laboratory and diagnostic services, scheduled surgeries, labor and delivery, recovery, and inpatient treatment. The hospital provides healthcare services for patients with a wide range of ailments, including heart diseases and cancer. In addition to providing services for acute conditions, the facility also offers medical […]

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