Month: April 2023

A Career in Health Services Can Be Rewarding and Fulfilling

Health services are a broad term that refers to all of the work done in providing medical care for people. This includes work performed by doctors, nurses, and other allied health professionals. The goal of health services is to improve the overall health of a person through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and/or rehabilitation. These services can […]

The Role of a Doctor

Doctors, also known as physicians, are health professionals who maintain and restore human health through the practice of medicine. They perform a variety of duties, including examining patients and reviewing their medical histories; diagnosing illnesses or injuries; administering treatment; and counseling patients on their health and well-being. Some doctors specialize in a particular area of […]

The American Medical Association (AMA)

Founded in 1847, the American Medical Association (AMA) is one of the largest national physician organizations in the United States. Its mission is to advance the quality, safety, and effectiveness of medical care. Its membership includes physicians and other health care professionals, students, and medical residents across the country, and it represents doctors in local, […]

Alpena Medical Center Offers a Full Range of Outpatient Services

Alpena Medical Center, located in northeast Michigan, provides a full range of healthcare services. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the hospital is a regional leader in investing in advanced equipment and procedures typically only found in large academic medical centers. A 139-bed facility, the Medical Center is accredited by The Joint Commission and serves patients from across […]

Healthy Hospital Food

Hospital food is a minefield of unhealthy options. From fast food restaurants to vending machines filled with sugary treats and artificial flavours, hospital eateries are a hive of ill-health. Poor hospital food choices are contributing to rising health care costs and chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But many hospitals are taking steps […]

What to Look For in a Health Insurance Plan

A health insurance plan is a contract between you and a health care company that provides coverage for medical costs in return for your monthly premium. It may also cover preventive services, such as checkups or vaccinations. There are a variety of different health insurance plans available to individuals and families. These can vary greatly […]

What Is Medicine?

The term “Medicine” is used to describe a wide variety of fields that include the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, medical research and many other aspects of health and healing. The field includes nurses, doctors and many specialists who treat different ailments and diseases. Medicine is the science and art of promoting health and […]

The Importance of Doctor Organizations

Doctors and their professional organizations are a significant part of the health care infrastructure. These groups play a key role in the establishment and maintenance of high-quality, ethical standards for physicians and their patients; in the development of medical education and continuing education programs; and in defining and enforcing professional behavior codes. In addition, many […]

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