Month: May 2022

Health Services

Health services are organizations and individuals that provide a range of health care services to patients and the public. The types of health care services can vary considerably, from emergency care to primary care, but most are centered around the concept of patient-centered care. Listed below are a few common types of health services. Read […]

Symptoms of Cancer and How to Spot Them

Symptoms of cancer depend on the location and type of cancer. Breast cancer may cause symptoms like unexplained weight loss or nipple discharge, while metastatic cancer can cause pain, extreme fatigue, and seizures. The American Cancer Society lists seven symptoms that may indicate cancer, but remember that these may also be caused by non-cancerous conditions. […]

Medical Specialties

Medical specialties span a variety of disciplines. Some focus on the care of the eye, such as ophthalmology, while others focus on disease processes in the lower limb. Pediatrics is devoted to care for children and infants, and has a number of subspecialties based on age groups, organ systems, and disease classes. Pharmaceutical medicine is […]

What Is a Hospital?

A hospital is a medical facility that offers medical care to its patients. Its primary function is to diagnose and treat disease. Today, hospitals are often research and teaching facilities. During peacetime, hospitals display the white ‘H’ on a blue background. In times of armed conflict, hospitals may bear a red cross or crescent or […]

The Importance of Health Services

The provision of health services has been a goal for civilizations for as long as they have existed. Historically, hospitals were administered by religious and military administrators. In ancient India, Ayurveda clinics were run by religious castes, while in ancient Rome, hospital administration was largely left to legion officers. During the Islamic Golden Age, hospitals […]

Types of Cancer and Treatments

There are many types of cancer treatments available. Primary cancer treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy, and palliative care. The type of treatment chosen depends on the cancer type and the patient’s overall health. Some cancer treatments are curative while others are not. Chemotherapy uses a variety of drugs and modalities […]

How to Become a Doctor

The main skills required to become a doctor are good organizational skills, strong decision-making skills, and the ability to work under pressure. A doctor is a highly skilled professional who responds to a patient’s medical problems, makes diagnoses, performs treatments, and interprets lab test results. The doctor is responsible for maintaining confidentiality, liaising with other […]

Becoming a Medical Professional – A Brief Summary of Common Educational Requirements and Career Opportunities

Becoming a medical professional requires a passion for helping people, and a strong desire to complete training. Applicants to the medical field should also be prepared for the long hours and demanding schedule that come with this career. Almost all medical fields require licensure, and most are regulated by state residency. In addition, medical professionals […]

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