Month: July 2023

What’s New in the Affordable Care Act?

The Affordable Care Act is a complex and comprehensive law that makes major changes to the health insurance marketplace. It includes requirements for individuals and employers to have coverage, creates state-based health benefit Exchanges where consumers can shop for coverage, and provides subsidies to assist those with the lowest incomes to help them afford their […]

The Health Services Industry

Health services are the medical and social activities that support people’s health, well-being and quality of life. They are delivered in the context of a community and range from primary care to hospitalization. They include medical, dental, psychiatric and other health facilities. They also include community outreach programs that provide education and help residents access […]

How a Smart Hospital Room Addresses Three Needs

When patients spend long periods of time in the hospital, it can be emotionally challenging. The sterile environment, lack of familiarity and the stress of a medical procedure can contribute to lingering anxiety. To combat these factors, some patients bring homey items like their favorite pillow or bedsheets to help them sleep more comfortably and […]

The Benefits of a Doctor Association

Doctor associations promote high standards in medical education, practice and ethics. They are also a lobbying group that represents the interests of doctors to local, state and national political leaders. They provide professional training and support to new physicians, conduct scientific research and publish medical journals and books. Some doctors belong to more than one […]

Alpena Medical Center

About alpena medical center Alpena Regional Medical Center, located in Alpena, Michigan, is part of the MidMichigan Health System. It serves patients in northeast Michigan and is one of only five hospitals in the country offering Gamma Knife Perfexion, which delivers the gold standard in brain tumor treatment. The hospital offers the latest in medical […]

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance helps people cover medical costs associated with illness or injury. It also provides benefits such as free preventive care, vaccines, screenings and some check-ups even before you meet your deductible. In addition, it can protect your family financially if you die or become permanently disabled. In short, it’s essential for most people. When […]

What Is Medicine?

Medicine is a vast field, covering most fields of human health and wellbeing. Historically, medical sciences have been dominated by Western cultures; more recently, a growing number of countries around the world have established their own traditions in the area of healing. Most modern medicines and health care systems are based on a scientific model […]

Medical Doctor Near Me

Search more than 7,500 providers and schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment. You can also browse by provider type, language and insurance carrier. Physicians are highly trained medical professionals who have completed a medical school program and earned their Doctor of Medicine degree. The MD degree is the most common doctorate for physicians to earn […]

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