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Doctor Organization and the International Experience

Physicians are the most valuable resource in the healthcare system, providing a critical point of difference for their patients. Their relationships with their patients, expertise and training, and ability to negotiate for their patients create value in the marketplace that helps them secure contract terms with payers of health care services. To enhance their market […]

Understanding the Basics of Medical Insurance

A medical insurance plan pays for a person’s health-related expenses in the event of an accident or illness. It also helps cover the cost of prescription medications and other healthcare related costs. This coverage may be provided by private insurers, or it can be provided by the government through a national or state-run program. Many […]

Alcona Health Center

Located in Alpena County, alpena health center is a non-profit organization. Its goal is to promote, develop and operate such facilities and programs as are necessary to provide quality health care to the people of Alcona County and surrounding areas, regardless of ability to pay. The hospital has a 139-bed facility and is accredited by […]

Hospitals Are Changing the Way They Serve Hospital Food

If you’ve ever spent a prolonged stay in the hospital, you know that the food isn’t exactly great. From fried foods to frozen meals to soups and salads, most hospital food is full of hidden salt, processed sugar, chemicals, preservatives and additives. Even if you eat a salad every day, chances are that your food […]

What is Medical?

Medical is a term that refers to the treatment and prevention of illness and injury. If you get a cut, medical professionals apply a plaster; if your eyes are blurry, you may be given some glasses. The word comes from the Latin mederi, meaning to heal or to restore health. Medical professionals use medicines, vaccines […]

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