What Does it Take to Be a Doctor?

A Doctor is a person who diagnoses, treats and prevents disease and injury. They have a wide range of healthcare skills and are often involved in medical research. Their job can be extremely fulfilling as they can help improve the quality of people’s lives. Being a Doctor is a very challenging occupation and it requires extensive education and training.

The word “Doctor” comes from the Latin docere, meaning to teach. It originally referred to theological scholars who had been given permission by the church to preach and teach, although it later came to mean anyone who held a medical degree. In modern times, the term Doctor refers to a qualified physician who treats patients with care and compassion. A Doctor must be able to handle a variety of different situations and have the ability to adapt their approach to the needs of each patient. The position is incredibly rewarding, but it also demands an intense educational commitment, typically requiring 11 to 16 years of study.

During this time, doctors must learn how to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. They may be required to perform invasive procedures such as surgeries, injections and blood transfusions. In addition, they must understand the complex interactions between diseases and their treatments. Doctors must constantly keep up with the latest medical advances and attend conferences, seminars, and workshops to stay on top of their field.

As one of the most popular careers in the world, Doctors have a high rate of job satisfaction. This is due to the fact that they are able to positively impact the health of their patients and alleviate pain and suffering. Doctors are also paid competitive salaries, which reflect their significant educational and professional investment.

The most famous incarnation of the Doctor is Tom Baker, who played the role from 1971 to 1981. Baker is known for his moral intensity and his ability to balance a serious side with a sense of humour. His portrayal is so iconic that it’s the version most often spoofed by comedians and cartoonists.

Christopher Eccleston is the most recent Doctor to grace our screens, reintroducing the show to a new generation of fans. His dark and moody portrayal was perfect for a man haunted by the Time War that destroyed his race. His wild bursts of temper and his Irish accent made him one of the most intriguing Doctors in the show’s history.

Jodie Whittaker’s era is just getting started, but she’s already making waves in the Whoniverse with her fresh take on the character. Her northern wit and charm has won over audiences, and her natural accent helps to distinguish her from her predecessors.

With Series 14 premiering on May 11, we are just a few weeks away from finding out who will play the next incarnation of our favourite Time Lord – Ncuti Gatwa! You might recognise him from Netflix’s Sex Education where he plays the charismatic Eric Effiong, but his talents are even more impressive on Doctor Who.