Top 10 Doctor Who Stars


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With a natural Northern accent and some sharp lines of humour, Jodie Whittaker made headlines as the first female Doctor but her performance was something else. She was a protective and caring figure with a knack for keeping the storyline moving along, all while taking the show in an exciting new direction.

It might have been a bit of a shock to fans when he was announced but Christopher Eccleston quickly won over the masses as the ninth and final iteration of the Doctor. Although his tenure was short, he helped to bridge the gap between David Tennant and Matt Smith, and his eccentric portrayal of a time-travelling alien was always entertaining.

Patrick Troughton was a kinder, more empathetic version of the Doctor than his predecessor, which allowed him to delve into some epic adventures. While it took a little while for fans to warm up to his softer side, once they did he became one of the most beloved Doctors to ever hit the screen.

As a fan-favourite, Tom Baker’s seven-year run as the Doctor was full of memorable moments. His erratic character was both wacky and solemn but it all worked together to make him a lovable, well-rounded hero. It’s no surprise that his companion Sarah Jane tagged along on countless escapades with him.

Despite the fact that he was only the second iteration of the iconic Time Lord, Paul McGann was still quite a character as the ninth Doctor. His gruff demeanor, stern looks, and intimidating stare made him a formidable adversary but he was also the saviour of many an ill-fated space-based crisis.

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