How to Find a Medical Doctor Near Me

medical doctor near me

Finding the right medical doctor near me can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining your health. Your primary care provider is your first line of defense against disease, injury and disability. They are the doctors that handle new symptoms and annual physicals, and they keep you up to date on preventive services such as screenings and immunizations.

Your doctors touch countless lives throughout the course of their careers. They are there for some of the best–and worst–moments of our lives, and they provide essential lifesaving treatments every day. Because of this, they deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and commitment to their patients. That’s why we created the Healthgrades Honor Roll, an annual list of top-rated doctors.

The honorees are selected based on an in-depth analysis of thousands of doctor ratings and reviews combined with a comprehensive clinical evaluation. This evaluation includes factors such as patient satisfaction, responsiveness and communication, education, training and board certifications. It is a distinction that many physicians strive for and few achieve, and it is one that you can be proud to know about when choosing your healthcare providers.

Whether you’re looking for a family doctor, internal medicine specialist or a dermatologist, Healthgrades can help you find the perfect medical doctor for your needs. Use our search tools to narrow down your options, and don’t forget to read the reviews. Patients say that ratings and reviews are among the most influential factors when choosing a doctor, and doctors say that fair and honest feedback helps them improve their care.

With Healthgrades, you can also save on your doctor’s visit by booking direct. Our service allows you to compare the cost of a doctor’s appointment at different locations, and you can pay directly for your visit to avoid high-deductible costs. We’re here to support you in your efforts to take control of your health.

We’ve made it easier than ever to find a doctor that’s right for you. Simply enter your ZIP code or city and state to browse physicians in your area. You can also expand your search by filtering by specialties and languages. Our doctors are highly-skilled, and they use today’s most advanced diagnostic tools to give you the care that you deserve.

You can also discover a new doctor by entering an address, phone number or name. Our doctor directory contains information on more than 7,000 doctors nationwide, including photos, background and contact info. We’ve also included information on the types of insurance they accept and their office hours. You can even see detailed estimates for procedures and services (not available with all plans). Just select your plan to get started. If you don’t have a plan, you can create an account for free to start searching for doctors and hospitals in your network. You can even save a favorite physician for quick access later on.