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medical doctor near me

Physician Near Me

A physician is a licensed medical practitioner who provides patients with medical care. They can diagnose and treat diseases, provide first aid, and counsel patients on healthy living. The qualifications to become a doctor include completing undergraduate and postgraduate studies, medical training, and licensure.

Physicians often specialize in a particular field, as they may have specialized interests or skills related to medicine and health sciences. They may also earn a Doctorate Degree in their subject area. These degrees are typically awarded after a lengthy and rigorous process, and can be based on subjects such as physiology, biology, dentistry, etc.

Primary Care doctors are a great place to start when you have a new or undiagnosed condition. These physicians can treat a variety of conditions including colds and flu, rashes, headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Find a doctor near you with Zocdoc

Zocdoc is an easy way to find and book top doctors, on demand. It lets you compare doctors based on their patient reviews and ratings, then filter by your insurance plan to find providers who accept your policy. It is free to download and use for anyone with an Apple or Android device.

Enhanced Primary Care with CDPHP

Enhanced primary care practices are specially designed to be your “medical home”—where you receive your entire family’s healthcare needs under one roof, in the office or online. They may have a team of doctors and other health care professionals who work together to give you the best possible care.

Using a doctor who is part of your network is an excellent way to reduce your cost and stay in control of your medical bills. Make sure that you are using a participating provider by identifying your plan type and selecting it in Step 2 of the search process.