Find a Medical Doctor Near Me

If you have a chronic health condition or just want to take better care of yourself, your medical doctor near me can help. Having regular visits to a primary care physician (PCP) can prevent illnesses, and the best doctors in New York City can treat common ailments — and detect early symptoms of more serious conditions that require immediate attention.

If your PCP has a “MD” after their name, they went to a traditional allopathic medical school and practice the classical approach to medicine that includes prescribing medication. MDs make up 90% of practicing physicians in the United States. Doctors who went to osteopathic medical schools have “DO” after their names and practice a more holistic form of healing that includes examining the patient’s musculoskeletal system of muscles, bones and nerves. They are also trained to perform osteopathic manipulations, which involve stretching and gentle pressure on joints.

Both MDs and DOs are highly skilled in diagnosing and treating illness. In the United States, there are about a million DOs and about 900,000 MDs.

Internal medicine doctors specialize in conditions like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. They can help you manage your chronic conditions and offer general preventive services, such as a flu shot or annual physical. They are often available for same-day and next-day appointments in the office or through video calls.

Family physicians specialize in treating the whole family, including children and seniors. They’re known for their ability to talk with kids and teens, and they can help them understand their health problems. They’re also great resources for parents and grandparents who need advice on how to care for older adults.

OB-GYNs are experts in women’s reproductive health and can be your go-to for routine visits, screenings and immunizations. They can also be a resource for more complicated female issues, such as contraception problems or menopause symptoms. Many women choose to have an OB-GYN as their primary care provider and have another physician like an internal medicine doctor or family medicine doctor for more general concerns and preventive care.

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