Celebrities Who Have Played the Doctor on The Doctor Who Show

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The first Doctor of the series was William Hartnell. He portrayed a stern and grandfatherly figure, with a strong sense of duty. He was a good choice for the show at that time and he did a wonderful job of it. He paved the way for all the other actors that came after him.

Patrick Troughton came next and he had the unenviable task of following up Tom Baker’s era. He ran for 119 episodes from 1966-1969. Troughton’s incarnation of the Doctor was playful and adventurous. His sly wit and loveable whimsy made him a fan favorite. He had a special bond with his granddaughter, Susan. He also fought off many enemies in his adventures including the Daleks, Cybermen, and Great Intelligence.

Jodie Whittaker is the latest to take over as the Doctor. Her era has been one of the most successful in the long history of the series. Her compassion and sense of fair play has won the hearts of fans around the globe. Her Doctor is not afraid to fight for what is right. She has a very unique style of her own that makes her one of the most loved versions of the character.

Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor who reintroduced the show to a new generation of viewers when he took over in 2005. He was the Doctor who was haunted by the horrific Time War that killed his race. He had a great sense of energy and was a very good actor. He was a frightener at times, and had wild bursts of temper.

Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor who brought a mysterious edge to the character and to the show as a whole. He was the last great Doctor before the show began to run out of steam by the end of his tenure. His version of the Doctor was a bit more understated than others, but he still did an excellent job.

Paul McGann only got one series of the show before it was canceled, but his incarnation of the Doctor was a fun and quirky one. He was a brilliant actor and his wry humour gave the show a much-needed shot in the arm. He was a very good Doctor, and he should have had more chances to prove it.