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What Is Medical?

Medical is the science and practice of caring for patients, including diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, palliation and promotion of health. Modern medicine is usually conducted within health care systems, with legal, ethical and credentialing frameworks established by government agencies. These are based on the principles of evidence-based medicine. The field of medicine is highly specialized, with […]

Physician Organization – Joining Forces to Address Health Care Challenges

Physicians are the backbone of the health care system. They are trusted by patients and their colleagues and bring a unique perspective to the health care industry. Yet, they face many challenges. Many doctors are suffering from burnout. Many are frustrated with insurance company restrictions on telehealth care. And administrative tasks consume so much of […]

Alpena Health Center is a Patient Centered Medical Home

Located in Alpena Michigan, alpena health center serves the Tip of the Mitt communities of Montmorency, Alpena, Presque Isle, Cheboygan, and Oscoda Counties. This non profit Federally Qualified Community Health Center is a Patient Centered Medical Home, offering medical, behavioral health, dental and pharmacy services. Medicaid, Medicare and most insurances accepted. Income based sliding fee […]

What Is a Hospital?

A hospital is a medical institution that provides around-the-clock medical care and treatment to sick or injured patients. It consists of a range of departments including emergency, surgical, medical and obstetrics services. It also has specialized support facilities like pathology, pharmacy and radiology. Aside from providing healthcare, hospitals also do research and development to advance […]

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