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How Medical Knowledge Has Evolved

While it has been widely assumed that medical knowledge has evolved through directed basic research, such knowledge has been largely generated through undirected methods. Basic research results in basic knowledge that is formulated into clinically useful forms through evaluation or dispassionate observation. The diffusion of this knowledge often occurs with a strong science base, and […]

Alpena Health Center

The Alpena Health Center is a nonprofit medical center owned by the MidMichigan Healthcare System. This health system brands many local clinics in Northeast Michigan. The center is currently building a new patient tower, which will include sixty private rooms, an intensive care unit, eight labor and delivery rooms, 44 medical beds, 18 prep and […]

Health Insurance in California – What Types of Plans Are Available?

California health insurance is available in several forms, including health plans, individual policies, and public programs. Each one is regulated by a different government agency. Below is a summary of the basic types of health coverage available. Health insurance policies cover a variety of medical expenses. There are two types of policies: individual/family policies and […]

The Importance of a Doctor Organization

When considering the structure of a physician organization, it is important to understand the role of leadership and shared values in performance. Physicians are often the cornerstones of large multispecialty medical groups, and charismatic physician leaders are often responsible for their growth and success. In addition to leadership, an organization’s culture is essential for its […]

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