Alpena Medical Center

alpena medical center

An expansion of Alpena medical center is on the way, with plans to build a three-story inpatient tower. The hospital is planning to use the additional space to build private patient rooms. Before the project can move forward, the Michigan Department of Community Health must approve a certificate of need. Construction on the new tower is expected to begin in spring 2019.

The hospital will be able to treat 97 percent of all types of cancer at its Alpena location. Patients with rarer forms of cancer may still be referred to Ann Arbor for treatment. However, most people can expect that their treatment will be expedited at Alpena. Its renowned specialists are also available to treat patients from surrounding areas. Its staff includes doctors, nurses, and medical technologists. With an HMS, Alpena is a certified health care facility, and its care teams work together to achieve quality and efficiency.

While the health department at Alpena Regional Medical Center may be required to perform preemployment physicals, the hospital’s relationship with these providers may be more than a simple customer-vendor or principal-agent relationship. The medical staff at Alpena Regional Medical Center may have discussed emotional status with patients. If employees were required to take a preemployment exam, the hospital was aware of that. In addition, the employees were aware that the staff at Alpena Regional Medical Center knew about preemployment exams.