Alpena Health Center is a Clinic in the Business of Providing Healthcare to the Community

Alpena Health Center is a clinic in the business of providing healthcare to the community. They provide a wide variety of services and are staffed by highly qualified medical professionals. The clinic is open Monday through Saturday and accepts patients of all ages.

They have a full service lab and pharmacy as well as other ancillary services such as digital X-ray and ultrasound, telemedicine, and other cutting edge technologies. Their newest feature is an “Acute Care” clinic that can be accessed by anyone, not just their established patients.

The clinic has a few awards to their credit, including a Best Places to Go award in the city of Alpena for its state-of-the-art emergency room, which features a dedicated ambulance bay and an ICU, along with a specialized trauma room and a cardiac catheterization laboratory. Their medical staff is stacked with some of the best doctors in the area, and they also have a great team of nurses and support staff.

What makes this medical facility stand out is its commitment to educating and empowering the community to make better health decisions for themselves. They have a strong community relations program, and they partner with local schools, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to help promote wellness in our region.

They offer free parking for their guests, and they have an impressive array of onsite amenities including a fitness center and a swimming pool. Their hospital is 139 licensed beds, and they offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment for a variety of health conditions.