Alpena General Hospital

alpena general hospital

The MyMichigan Medical Center in Alpena, Michigan, is a 139-bed critical access hospital that provides a variety of medical services. These services include general medical care, emergency care, and surgical procedures. It also provides cancer care and behavioral health services. Other services available include orthopedics, wound care, and hyperbaric medicine.

The hospital has received numerous awards for its high quality of care, including being named one of the Top 100 Rural Community Hospitals by Becker’s Hospital Review. It also received the 2017 Governor’s Award of Excellence from the Michigan Quality Improvement Organization for its excellent reporting in the acute care hospital setting. The hospital also serves as a resource for patients and the community.

The hospital serves a large rural area in northeast Michigan. It covers 24 zip codes and six counties. It is the only hospital in the area, and is the largest employer in the area, with over a thousand employees. Because of its location, it is one of the largest employers in Alpena, and is an economic engine for the area.

The hospital is part of the MidMichigan Health Foundation. It is registered with the U.S. General Services Administration and is open to the public. If you have any questions about the hospital, please contact the hospital using the link below. It is important to note that any personal information provided will be publicly posted.

The hospital also has a new, fireproof facility. It serves a large region in northeast Michigan, with a radius of 50 miles. The new Patient Tower is scheduled to open in April. The hospital has 139 licensed beds. It is fully equipped with a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

In addition to its medical services, the hospital is part of the MidMichigan Health System. Its sister facilities include a primary care clinic, urgent care centers, and physician offices. The system also offers home care and a variety of specialty services. It currently employs over seven hundred people. In fiscal year 2015, it provided $76 million in community benefits.

The ALPENA GENERAL HOSPITAL provides free parking for patients and an onsite pharmacy. It also offers telehealth and virtual visits. This allows patients to make appointments outside of regular business hours. In addition, it has 24-hour emergency care. Its online medical directory provides a detailed list of services.

Alpena General’s efforts to protect its patients include an ongoing education program. Employees of the hospital receive regular training regarding thimerosal-containing saline solution and mercury contamination. The hospital’s plant superintendent is also responsible for implementing preventative measures. For instance, he regularly conducts tests to determine whether the facility has any mercury-containing materials.