Alcona Health Center

alpena health center

Alcona Health Center provides medical, behavioral health and pharmacy services. It accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances with a sliding fee scale. This location also offers telehealth services. Alcona Health Center was established in 1978 and is located in Lincoln, Michigan.

Approximately 53% of patients who rated the hospital highly recommended it to their friends and family members. This score is a bit higher than the national average of 69%. However, the ratings were a little lower for overall quality of care and safety. In particular, patients complained about the quality of care they received from doctors and nurses.

The company has a strong presence in its region and is well known for its commitment to community health. Its focus on community wellness and education is reflected in the various partnerships it has with area schools.

Employees are treated well at this company and the atmosphere is very pleasant and friendly. The employees enjoy coming to work and they have a great sense of teamwork. In addition, the management and employees have a lot of respect for one another. Moreover, the company encourages its employees to attend continuing education classes to keep up with the latest in healthcare trends.

As a leading healthcare provider, alpena health center is a non-profit and has a Federal Tort Claims Act Deemed Facility status. This means that the health center is eligible to receive federal funds for medical/dental/behavioral health malpractice claims for itself and its covered individuals.

Currently, the health center has approximately 900 full-time employees and more than 100 physicians. The corporation is not only a hospital but also has an extensive network of primary care clinics. It serves more than 100 communities in northern Michigan. Its facilities are designed to provide comprehensive care for the entire family, from infants to seniors.

The health center is ranked number 2 on Zippia’s Best Places to Work list. This is due to its excellent benefits package and competitive salary. Moreover, it is a great place to work for recent graduates. In fact, the company has a good record of hiring fresh talent.

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