Alcona Health Center

alpena health center

Located at 1501 W Chisholm St in Alpena, Michigan, the Alcona Health Center is a nonprofit medical facility that offers a wide range of health care services. They are a certified Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) deemable facility and accept most health insurance plans. In addition to medical services, the facility offers behavioral health, pharmacy, and home health care services. You can learn more about them at the Alcona Health Center website. The center is also part of the MidMichigan Health System, which is a 139-bed hospital located on the shores of Lake Huron. Its mission is to provide quality health care to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Alcona Health Center isn’t just a medical facility; they also have a nifty website that allows you to find out if you qualify for free care. They are also participating in the CARES Act, which requires that doctors post the prices of services and medicines on their website. In addition, the center has a full-service pharmacy and a diabetes center. In addition to their other services, the center offers a sliding fee scale clinic.

The Alcona Health Center is a great example of a patient-centered medical home that operates under the auspices of the nonprofit Alcona Citizen’s for Health, Inc. The center provides high quality health care to residents of Alcona County. They are also a Federally Qualified Health Center, so they accept the government’s healthcare program as well as Medicare. This is an organization that also helps to promote Alcona County health care through educational and community activities.

They also have the aforementioned “Acute Care” clinic at the Alpena Services facility on US 23 North. This is a telemedicine style clinic that will allow patients to have non-emergency medical care without leaving their own neighborhood. This is a great example of an affordable and convenient healthcare provider that is also Federally Qualified. The center is open Monday through Saturday, and there are no appointment needed. The Center is also participating in the CARES Act, so if you need medical care, the Alcona Health Center is the place to go. Moreover, the center is an excellent example of a medical facility that is in good standing and provides excellent customer service. In addition to their impressive array of medical services, the center also boasts a great staff and facilities.