Month: December 2022

Medical Terminology

Whether you are a student of health sciences, or a practicing health care professional, you will need to be familiar with medical terminology. It is an essential part of communicating with your patients, and can help ensure proper patient information is provided. Modern medicine is a fusion of art and science. It involves many highly […]

The American Medical Association is a Political Action Committee

Among other things, the American Medical Association is one of the most influential political action committees in the country. The organization has spent millions of dollars on campaigns to oppose national medical insurance and other health reforms. The AMA has also provided funding for politicians’ election campaigns. Between 1990 and 2020, the organization has contributed […]

Alcona Health Center

Located on the shores of Lake Huron, the Alcona Health Center is a Federally Qualified Healthcare facility that provides a wide range of medical services to residents of Alpena County. The facility is operated by the nonprofit organization Alcona Citizen’s for Health, Inc. and accepts most insurances. The facility also offers a sliding fee scale […]

Alpena General Hospital

Currently serving the Alpena community, the 139 bed Alpena Regional Medical Center provides a full range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and outpatient services. Located in the town of Alpena, the health care system has over 900 employees and volunteers, including nearly 100 physicians and other professionals. The health system also has a network of specialty treatment […]

General Hospital

During its time on the American Broadcasting Company, General Hospital was the most popular daytime soap opera. From 1979 to 1988, it was the most watched soap opera in the world. However, in the 1990s, General Hospital’s popularity waned, and the show’s popularity began to decline. In the early 2000s, it was replaced by The […]

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