Month: June 2022

Types of Hospitals and Their Services

The modern concept of a hospital dates to 331 ce, when the Roman emperor Constantine I abolished pagan hospitals. Previously, people who were sick were isolated from their communities. However, the Christian tradition stressed the importance of a close bond between the sick and their communities, and the church took over the responsibility for their […]

What is the Best Way to Deal With Cancer?

When cells multiply too quickly, they can form tumors. Normally, body cells grow normally and eventually die. But cancerous cells do not know when to stop growing and multiply and instead group together to form tumors. These growing tumors destroy normal cells surrounding them and damage healthy tissue. If not treated properly, cancer can spread […]

Alpena General Hospital Joins MidMichigan Health Board of Directors

The MidMichigan Health Board of Directors has decided to add two members from Alpena to its ranks. They are Dr. Richard Willis and Greg Rogers. Both will be active in community affairs and will bring their experience and knowledge of healthcare to the board. During the meeting, Dr. Willis shared his insights into the history […]

General Hospital

The ABC soap opera General Hospital has aired for more than four decades, making it one of the longest running series on television. During the late 1970s, the series suffered a decline in ratings, but it re-established itself with a younger audience. The show’s characters became popular, including “super couple” Luke Spencer and Laura Webber, […]

Hospital Jobs – What Types of Jobs Are Available in Hospitals?

When looking for hospital jobs, a nurse should consider the work/life balance implications of the position. She should also know who pays her salary and how the facility operates. Smaller hospitals often have less sophisticated medical equipment and may not be as prestigious as bigger ones. Ultimately, the choice should be based on your personal […]

Health Services Management

There are many different types of health services available in today’s society. Some of these services are medical and include physical examinations by a physician, prescription medicine, and skilled nursing. Other services, like STARS screenings and sexually transmitted diseases classes, are available through schools. They also provide prevention and disease management services, reproductive health, and […]

How to Become a Doctor

As the number of medical professionals in the US continues to grow, there are still many unfilled doctor positions available. The American Association of Medical Colleges predicts a nationwide physician shortage by 2025. As a result, becoming a doctor takes substantial effort and dedication. This guide will explore the steps to become a physician, including […]

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