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What Is a Hospital?

A Hospital is a medical institution that provides treatment to patients. It employs specialized health science staff as well as auxiliary healthcare personnel to provide quality care to patients. It also uses medical equipment. The following are some of the most common medical facilities. They are generally located in urban areas. Some have specialized care […]

What Causes Cancer and How Can It Be Treated?

The immune system is supposed to destroy abnormal cells. But immunologist Jim Allison discovered that cancer cells secretly make a handshake that allows them to escape detection. This work led to immunotherapy, and immunotherapy drugs called immune checkpoint inhibitors (IKIs) unwrap the truce between the immune system and cancer cells, allowing the body to destroy […]

Alpena General Hospital Becomes a MidMichigan Health System Partner

There are many reasons why you should choose an Alpena, Michigan, hospital for your healthcare needs. A good one is that the Medical Center of Alpena has received national recognition for its outstanding services and is named among the Top 100 Rural and Community Hospitals by Becker’s Hospital Review. The hospital was also recognized by […]

General Hospital

General Hospital was an ABC medical drama that debuted in 1963. Originally based in an unnamed town, it was renamed to Port Charles, New York in the late 1970s. Its characters include John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin. John played Dr. Steve Hardy, while Emily played nurse Jessie Brewer. The show also starred Rachel Ames as […]

The Affordable Care Act and Challenges to Its Implementation

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed into law in March 2010 and set new standards and opportunities for health care in the United States. This law has a huge impact on individuals and employers alike. Large employers with more than 50 employees are now required by law to provide health insurance coverage for their […]

Health Services for the Community

There are various health services offered in the modern society. The services are provided by health care professionals and allied health fields. Health care is defined as “the practice of maintaining and improving health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury, and mental impairment.” The provision of health care services involves various modes […]

The Career of a Doctor

A doctor, also known as a medical practitioner, is a professional who specializes in the medical field. His or her job responsibilities include promoting health, maintaining health, and restoring health. He or she also diagnoses diseases, provides prognosis and treatment for injury and impairments. This article will discuss some of the key characteristics of a […]

The Importance of Hospital Room Design

Hospital design should emphasize easy cleanability, comfortable beds, and easy egress from the bathroom. Approximately three to twenty percent of hospital patients suffer a fall. This is an important safety consideration, especially for the elderly. Many hospital rooms don’t provide these features. The design team worked with the patient experience team to develop a room […]

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